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    Over 150 display units and wall-mounted unit,
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Advertise to the right crowd

With over 150 units perfectly spread around the city of Phnom Penh, we are now reaching a larger audience than any of our competitors. Moreover, you are adressing messages to the right crowd at the right time. Our screens are installed in the best locations, conveying the best traffic. On average, our visitors would spend from 6 to 10 minutes in front of our units, as we installed them in places where people are actually staying some time. We refrain from installing in passage way.

Eye-to-eye advertising

Because our display is of human size, the product, logo or message is exactly at eye-level. No need to twist your neck or lift your head, the message goes right in the face of you audience.  So actually, viewers can get the message without their consent. You reach more people than you see...

Interactive advertising

You can have a Call-For-Action message right on the screen during the 30 seconds, whether you place a telephone number or a QR Code, it becomes easy to get new clients. And to correctly measure the impact of these campaign, you can create a different phone line to see how people act.

With over 60 units [href: http://www.impact-cambodia.com/locations] disseminated around the city of Phnom Penh, we are reaching such a large audience. Moreover, you are talking to people in the right frame of mind, people on location, people who are already spending money, hence people with a certain purchasing power.